About Me

Let me introduce myself!   My name is Abby Madsen and I have the privilege of being an English Language Arts teacher within the Rock Valley Community School District.  I teach English I (freshman English), English III (junior English), and publications. There is an emphasis on literature, grammar, speech, vocabulary, and writing in my English I and English III classes.  My publications class is project-based.  We focus on using InDesign and Photoshop to create the yearbook and to produce the school newspaper.  I really enjoy teaching language arts because I have the great privilege of hearing each individual student’s voice.  Each voice is heard uniquely and clearly through each student's writing and response to literature.

Here’s a little more about me.  In addition to learning new things each day through my interactions with my students, I have three children at home who daily challenge and encourage my learning.  My firstborn Aiden, a fourth-grader, loves sports and reading.  Ashton, who is in first grade, is curious and stubborn and loves being outside and building with legos.  My daughter, Addalee, is ecstatic about starting pre-school, and (as I desire for all my students) I hope she retains her desire to learn throughout her life.

My Mission:

I want to provide educational opportunities for lifelong achievement and to help students reach their fullest potential.  I want to lead by example.  


My Vision:

One of the major reasons why I went into teaching was the “ripple effect”.  I want the ripples that I create (and enable my students to create) make a far-reaching and positive impact on our world.


Visit Me

"When in doubt, check it out!" is a favorite saying of mine.  I want you to feel free to stop by if you have questions!  The following is taken directly from my course syllabus:  I encourage you to ask questions and/or seek help if you are struggling to understand something. If you need assistance, please stop in before or after school.  I am here to help and I expect you to take advantage of this opportunity!  I am also available during 2nd period (my prep. period).


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